About Us

Tiles Couture is a new company only in the sense of its trend setting designs and innovative technologies. The company is a manufacturer and supplier/distributor of luxury concrete tile, mosaics, and deco pieces. The principals of the company have decades of industry insights as well as a firm grasp of today’s market.

Tiles Couture is not yet another company, it strives to be the company that consumers and designers come for inspirations, and dealers trust as a partner. The company will roll out a national dealers network nation wide in the coming months, and the first distribution center will be in New York, with California as the next.

Tiles Couture focuses on three major aspects of the business: design, service, and value. Tiles Couture’s master designers are well known in the industry, but this time around, they want prove themselves again by only let people to know the products by name, not their names. It is this kind of confidence and passion for design that set Tiles Couture apart from others. Without service, all the other efforts will sum to zero. Tiles Couture strives to provide solid customer services to dealers, designers, and consumers. The efforts include readily available stocks, prompt response, and a high tech convenience with human interactions. Tiles Couture believes it is in the high fashion business, but not the high prices business. Tiles Couture believes its products should create beauty and value for customers to enjoy for years not to pay for in decades.